The Resurrection of St. Benedict’s

Their school motto is “Whatever hurts my brother hurts me” and their graduation rate is 98 percent. Scott Pelley reports on a unique school in Newark.

The following is an excerpt of the script from “The Resurrection of St. Benedict’s” which aired on March 20, 2016 on 60 Minutes. Scott Pelley is the correspondent. Guy Campanile, producer.

St. Benedict’s Prep was 100 years old when time ran out on Newark, New Jersey. It was 1967 and all hell broke loose around the very proper, very white Catholic boy’s school. Unemployment, racism, and police brutality had ignited the inner city. And even the monks who ran St. Benedict’s, lost faith. But the school’s namesake, the patron saint of students, must have seen the future. Because no generation needed the resurrection of St. Benedict’s more than the minority kids who now filled its neighborhoods.

Before Newark had a skyline, St. Benedict’s red brick campus rose on a hill. Over decades its walls have grown but it’s no citadel against the world.

Inside is the inner city. Half the boys are black, another third Hispanic, and nearly all come from low income neighborhoods. They call each other “brother” and every morning all 550, grades 7 through 12, celebrate a revival.

See the 60 Minutes segment here.