Sharpen your focus. Strengthen your plan.

Our comprehensive offerings ensure that no matter the size of your organisation or the scope of your fundraising needs, we can craft approaches and strategies that are the best for you today and meet your needs as they evolve.

In addition to our extensive experience in campaign planning, we work with clients to strengthen areas of the organisation that are fundamental to a high-functioning culture of philanthropy.

Governance & Leadership

Governance & Leadership

Strong leadership is an accomplishment, not a gift. Poor governance or ineffective leadership can lead to institutional dysfunction and even paralysis. Marts & Lundy brings an objective, dispassionate perspective to governance and leadership matters, while offering advice and recommendations on how to govern and lead an institution in a strategic, ethical and humane manner.

Marts & Lundy consultants work in partnerships with presidents, trustees and senior administrators to help organisations respond to the challenges they face. As a firm, we know what has worked well in the past but, more important, we know what is working well today and we can help you plan for a successful future.

Specific services offerings include:

  • Strategy Development: Helping boards and leadership to identify the most desirable outcomes and the strategies for achieving them.
  • Board Assessment: Critically reviewing board policies and practices concerning board membership, member orientation process, committee structure and effectiveness.
  • Board Self Development: Helping senior leadership to recruit and develop a stable board with the abilities to govern strategically and develop the resources needed to advance the institution.
  • Leadership Assessment: Critically reviewing the interactions amongst institutional leaders including trustees/directors, chief executive officers and chief financial officers.
  • Philanthropic Advising: Designing workshops to help your institutional leaders understand the culture of philanthropy and provide staff and volunteers with the necessary tools to raise funds successfully.

Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising Strategies

Dynamic fundraising strategies and inclusive planning processes are key to success. We provide our clients with advice that focuses first on the development of the fundraising strategy, and then on the most effective ways to implement the plan.

Strategic fundraising plans are living documents. They define overarching goals, strategies and courses of action that must be monitored closely and revised with shifting conditions. Unified by bold but realistic visions and supported by core principles that guide decision-making, strong plans include focused, integrated strategies to achieve desired results. A fully integrated fundraising plan provides not only a textured vision, but also a detailed framework that identifies specified benchmarks and measurement criteria.

Marts & Lundy’s approach to planning fundraising strategies helps our clients to:

  • Continuously measure progress against goals and objectives
  • Create a stronger brand signature through a growing evidence and story pool that creates opportunities to communicate and spotlight achievements
  • Encourage members of the administrative and academic community to “own” their individual pieces of the plan
  • Ensure that close friends will become more engaged in the goals and aspirations of the institution and, therefore, more inclined to partner with the leadership to realise those goals

Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations office has a heightened responsibility to mobilise, engage and support its graduates to advance the institution’s goals – and today, in a far more strategic and measurable way than ever. While this is true across institutions, how strategic engagement is accomplished is a matter of vision, talent and resources.

Marts & Lundy is committed to elevating the role of Alumni Relations programmes to achieve not only impactful engagement of alumni, but a bold and sustainable identity among campus stakeholders.

Innovators in the Field.

Recognised as thought leaders in the Alumni Relations field, we bring a depth of experience to our clients. Our approach is deeply rooted in strategy and innovation, with the ability to influence change and to create greater alignment across the Advancement spectrum.

We listen.

We recognise that each alumni organisation is at a different stage, and that resources, constituencies and culture are always distinct – so we take a well-rounded, bespoke approach to consulting. We provide resources that will assist you in your work no matter the status of your Alumni Relations programme.

  • Organisational Assessment
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Metrics Assessment
  • Alumni Focus Group Research
  • Membership Programme Review
  • Volunteer Management Strategy

Regular Giving

Regular Giving

As the foundation for fundraising efforts, regular giving should foster an institutional culture of philanthropy, generate highly valuable unrestricted or loosely restricted revenue, build a donor base for short-term and long-term support and provide a consistent pipeline of well-qualified and cultivated major gift prospects.

Our Regular Giving Assessment yields a deep understanding of your organisation’s strengths, as well as opportunities for growth. This close examination of your regular giving approaches and strategies results in a clear framework that positions your programme to meet your institution’s ambitious goals while ensuring you have a sustainable model in place for long-term success.

Our approach examines both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your program.

The Qualitative
We review a variety of materials that describe current practices, results and resources for regular giving. In addition, we conduct interviews with key Leadership, Volunteers, Development and Regular Giving staff to better understand roles and responsibilities, organisational structure, policies, procedures and strategic approaches to donor acquisition, retention and engagement. We design the interviews to gather valuable insights and generate strategic conversations about vision, impact and purpose.

The Quantitative
By looking at historic giving and engagement behaviours of all alumni—segmented by vehicle, size, loyalty, demographic, engagement and related fundraising activities—our analysis helps uncover the precise areas of growth, decline and/or stagnation in alumni donors over a five-year to 10-year period.

At the conclusion of our assessment, we provide a thorough Regular Giving Strategy Report that summarises our findings and overarching recommendations, accompanied by a detailed diagnostic assessment of your organisation’s regular giving and concrete action items for moving forward. We deliver a plan that is aligned with resources, benchmarks and the support you need to be successful.