Building Internal Capacity

We know from our experience both as practitioners and as consultants that talent development is one of the most important aspects of your work. We also know that identifying, recruiting, retaining and developing the team you need is a touch challenge. We can help, with a range of strategic and tactical talent development services.

Programme Design

Programme Design & Assessment

An environment where top performers are engaged and excited is a critical component of a high-performing development function.

Responsibility for making the most of your people doesn’t rest solely with you. Engaging academics, programme leaders and volunteers creates more powerful relationships and greater support for your organisation.

We can help you create and implement a customised staff development programme to address your goals. Such programmes can include retention strategies for extraordinary staff, training for development staff, academics and volunteers and leadership development for the next generation of advancement leaders.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of your staffing structure and needs
  • Assessment of your current professional development programmes, including orientation, leadership development, training and retention
  • Assessment of your current staff’s strengths and potential
  • Recommendation of staffing models
  • Creation of new professional development programmes in all the areas identified above
  • Creation and delivery of specialised training programmes for academics, volunteers, institutional leaders and other non-development staff

Professional Development

Training & Professional Development Programmes

Training is a key component of strong development organisations — both for development staff and for staff throughout the organisation. Whether as a step in preparing for a new campaign or as a part of creating and maintaining high performance in your ongoing programme, your investment in your organisation’s talent will pay dividends in increased programme performance and in retention of key staff.

From one-time sessions to ongoing plans, we create customised training curricula to address your organisation’s needs and goals.

Freestanding sessions:

  • Development officer skills and competencies
  • Campaign orientation for boards, organisational leaders and staff outside the development programme
  • Engagement training for programme staff
  • Development and leadership skills for volunteers and boards

Multi-session programmes:

  • Professional development tracks for fundraisers and staff
  • Leadership development
  • New manager tracks
  • Development for academic and programme staff

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Recognition of the idea that individual coaching can dramatically affect performance is commonplace among the most senior managers in the corporate world – and also, of course, among the leading talents in other fields such as sport and the arts — but still relatively rare in the world of development.

Our capacity to provide one-to-one senior-level coaching is inevitably limited, but we are able to take on a small number of confidential coaching/mentoring relationships, often playing the role of “critical friend” to help you reach a higher level of effectiveness and manage both your own team and the key decision-makers at all levels in your organisation.


Any of these Talent Development services can be included in overall campaign preparedness engagements or can stand alone. No matter your talent development needs, we promise sustainable improvement in even the most complex challenges you face.